1. JOON one member of MBLAQ who I can’t denied I love him too

    MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo complete their last filming for ‘We Got Married’
    yeah..i know this will happen when their first scandal arose..well yeah..they just “filming a show”

  2. Anonymous said: Why are you leaving!?!?! you dont love mblaq no more? T__T

    what?? no..of course I LOVEEE them.. i don’t have time lately..nothing more,nothing less.. :)))

  3. feel free to unfollow me

    yeah..i think i will not update my tumblr again..better to unfollow me..thanks for following me up till today.. bye~ MBLAQ forever~ bye~

  4. Anonymous said: I get the idea that you like Seungho the most right? So if you get the chance to pick 1 out of 5 of them to become your husband/ bf, who will you choose? just 4 fun :)

    emm actually i like them all.. and yes I LOVE seungho the most..but still, none of them are actually my ideal guy..I’m now 23 & they are like my brothers..The man that I will be marrying is a man like Lee Bumsoo..He is perfectly like my ideal guy.~no it’s ok..tq:)~

  5. Beautiful……Seungho 


  6. Perfect Pic 

    Perfect Pic